Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Meet Your No-Talent Hacks!

Boston, MA
Good looks: Check.
Writing Skills: Check.
Creativity: Check.
Big Annoying Ego: Check.
Even Bigger Noggin: Check.

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Canandaigua, NY

Dave is simply The Man. That's all that must be said. Well, no. In addition to being The Man, he's also a journalist, a conoisseur of fine earworms, a sci-fi/fantasy/filk geek in exelcis. And he's broke. Send him money. Lots and lots of money. Fund his existence so he can write. Or just buy him a Guinness and everything'll be cool. Oh, yeah.

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Boston, MA.
I'm random, rambling, and radioactive. I love Halloween, hate cube steak, and my favorite cartoon of all time is He-Man. I love stories that take you somewhere else and leave you there, then steal your lunch but leave you chocolate. Favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Patricia A. McKillip, George R. R. Martin, Paulo Coelho & Phillipa Gregory.

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Los Angeles, CA

Got a job, a wife, a kid, a text book, a dry sense of humor and lots of student loans.

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Vancouver, Canada
Born of the Norsemen, Jillianne is a Viking Pirate Queen with boundless creativity and a California/London/Canadian accent. She is an animation and comic book guru who loves cute mighty cartoon characters and all things Bruce Campbell. Jillianne joins the Hacks from Vancouver, Canada, and as such has made the Hacks an international organization!

Fairport, NY (for now)
Geek: Always
Cook: Sometimes
Writer: Sometimes
I love anything (mechanical) that flies, hockey, Discovery HD Theater, Battlestar Galactica, and history. Books rock and so do computers (refer back to geek)

Boston, MA
Laura has zip-lined through the jungles of Costa Rica, sailed with the Merchant Marines across the Arctic Circle, and lived in Seville, Spain. She played Jesus' mother in her school play and yelled at Joseph when he forgot his lines. By day, she's a travel agent and by night she's a super-hero travel writer.
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Rochester, NY
Kris is an adventurer and a rebel. She loves loud music, she hates grasshopper lollipops, and her guilty pleasures are the Jackass Movies.

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Canandaigua, NY

Allison is a newpaper editor, reporter, supermom, and philosopher. She has the soul of a poet and the prose of a goddess.

Los Angeles, CA
Steve Hacks from sunny So Cal and graduated (not recently) from UCR. Enjoys long walks on the beach, plasma TVs and HD movies.

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