Friday, April 28, 2006

Previous Weeks Writing Assignments

These assignments are in order from most recent to oldest.

  • Write a story that begins with: Deftly, his practiced fingers unhinged the lock on the large, wooden chest that held the secrets of ...
  • You are watching a home makeover show on television, and the homeowners are going in to horrid detail describing the loathsome appearance of one of the rooms of their house. You realize that this house used to be yours, and the design they are tearing apart was your crowning achievement in home improvement! How do you react?
  • Use this sentence and a half to start your story: Belinda Budge was as stubborn as her last name implied, and on this particular day she was resolute in refusing to ...
  • Use this sentence and a half to start your story:
    When Max spoke, people listened. The problem was that Max ...

  • Write a page from a travelogue of a space adventurer.

  • Write a synopsis of the perfect summer blockbuster. (not an EXISTING movie, mind you, but a short story of mashing all the elements of what makes a blockbuster great, like Titanic meets LOTR or something.)

  • Write a story set during your most recent vacation.
  • What is life like in a fish tank?
  • You have been given the power to change one thing in the world. What is it, and what are the ramifications?
  • It's Friday, two hours before you get to leave work. You look out the office windows and (insert phenomenon here.) How does this affect your plans for the evening?
  • You are the leader of your own nation, and your top aide as just told you of a huge crisis. What is the crisis, and what do you do?
  • Write a story backwards. Start with the ending paragraph and go back to the beginning. And NO CHEATING: you can't write a story and cut and paste the paragraphs.
  • Write something based on the title of a book, movie, song, whatever - that has nothing to do with the oritinal premise. (paraphrased from original assignment wording.)
  • Write the opening scene of a movie with the development premise of "JAWS meets BAMBI."
  • You awake one morning to find yourself a prisoner in the Bastille during the French Revolution. Things don't look good for you. Find some way to escape or talk your way out of prison.
  • Write an epic (multi-stanza) Haiku about the day Pirates stole your lunch.
  • You are leaving for work in the morning and you run into your neighbor, who has ... (insert phenomenon here)
  • Plausibly explain how a mythical creature, such as a unicorn, could be responsible for your car accident.
  • You are a/an: Demon/Angel. Describe your earliest memory.
  • You just woke up on a hillside above your town. You look over the edge and your town is ... (insert phenomenon here)
  • Write a letter of complaint to a (futuristic) company who sold you a fautly teleporter and you are furious.
  • You are 16, the prom is this weekend, and (insert crisis here.)
  • Write a story from the POV of a literal fly on the wall.
  • Write a story using these 5 words: Illuminated, Gristle, Matrix, Sandpiper, Ankle.
  • Write a story from the POV of your most recent Halloween Costume

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