Thursday, June 29, 2006

Meeting Minutes

And now, the minutes from last night's No-Talent Hacks Meeting
(As remembered by Marcy the next morning over coffee...)

Date: June 28
Location: Allison's Abode
Hacks present: Allison, Matt, Dave, Marcy, Bryan
On The Menu: Baked Ziti, garlic bread, salad, peach pie, and of course, Guac.

First, we discussed Allison's pieces written for a writing contest. They had number-of-word limitations, but despite the rush induced into a story by a number-of-word limitation, they were nuggets of goodness. We all agreed that she is faboo and wanted to read the revised versions when she revises them for other contests with less constricting number-of-word limitations.

Oliver the cat joined us and soaked up a lot of attention.

We then discussed the coming year of Hackdom, and outlined a plan of attack. Expect to see new things on this blog; the Hacks have tested the waters of blogdom since the creation of this blog, and now we're ready to jump into the pool and play Marco Polo.

We finished off the meeting with an in-class writing assignment that created much hilarity... some of which will be appearing here on the blog. We picked out of three envelopes; one had subjects, the next had an action, and the last had a 'result'. These three sentence fragments formed the first sentence of our stories. Look for these stories in subsequent posts.

That's all for this meetin' folks...stay tuned for great new things on this blog...

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Marcy L. Dewey said...

The next post, Crocs with Tools, was one of these assignments. Kudos to Matt who was the only Hack to successfully get his story up on the blog!