Sunday, November 12, 2006

El Tiro

It's been forever since I posted something here. Here's a short one. - Matt

"Want to go up? I'd been expecting the question, but it still surprised me. "Sure."

A few minutes of preparation and I was strapped in. We were connected to the plane in front of us by a simple rope. A few hand signals and the plane was on its way. The desert ground was rough, we took a few strong bumps. Then it was smooth. Airborne.

We stayed with our lifeline for several minutes. A pull of the release and we were free. And everything changed.

The wind has the power. Without it, I'd be staring up at the peaks, instead of eye-to-eye with their tops. The world is nearly silent, my benefactor nearly silent.

The wind can be violent, ripping apart trees and homes. Today it is my friend, letting me see the world in unencumbered beauty. The Earth is magnificent, I am insignificant against it.

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