Friday, January 26, 2007

NTH #1 from NewbieHack Brian

Re: High five?

So here I am, fresh off the long and gritty trail of writing fiction into the void, when I spot an oasis up ahead. Could it be? Is it too good to be true? Can the appearance of witty, casual competence be real?

A heartbeat and I am closer. I lose myself to the timelessly eternal moment meeting someone who I know will become a great friend. The rich aroma of lush green feedback and the glistening pool of refreshing perspective draw me in. “I’m here!” Shout I; belly-flopping into the unknown waters.

And then… immersion in the cooling pool? Or am I suddenly thirteen, awkwardly awaiting the mate to my high-five which never comes?

Clear as mud right? So I probably mixed a few metaphors back there, but this is my way of saying “Hi,” and asking if there are some folks out there who are prepared to give feedback on my fiction. If you post your work I promise to be honest an only bite if that’s what you want.

Please post a comment so that I know where and with whom my writing will land.

Write on.

Brian Arnold


Bryan Mahoney said...

Hey Brian - Bryan here.

WHoa. That'll get confusing.

Anyhoo, my betrothed speaks volumes, nay collections, about the velvety chocolate that is your writing. And I must say, the dessert is very good. Can't wait for the meat and potatoes.

How's THAT for metaphor?

The No Talent Hacks said...

Yo Brian! Welcome to our happy little corner of webbiness. I'm Matt. I used to work with Marcy and Bryan. According to Marcy, you've got this writing thing down pretty well. So enjoy!

Brihack said...

Thanks for the metaphorically warm welcome! I am sure we can keep the Bry(i)ans simple by simply adding a twelve digit alpha numeric code to each of our names which can be verified on a third party web site by any hack still in good standing.

The fees should be nominal. this point I feel compelled to do the standard artist apology- waffle and point out all of my flaws and shortcomings as a writer - but I won't, they will all be clear enough in time :-)

-Brian A6FL EBUR 85RG

The No Talent Hacks said...

Welcome! The Marcy has raved muchly about you. Twill be a pleasure reading your offerings.

I'm Dave; formerly worked with Marcy and Bryan; can be seen in Marcy's blog hoisting a Guinness and looking far drunker than I was.


Marcy L. Dewey said...

Matt's on my blog too - in a Star Trek Uniform!