Sunday, May 06, 2007

Surprise report

by Bryan

Her Royal Highness, at 0800 hours our time this morning, a warship in the gulf reported a ball of fire hit the southern zone of Abu Dhabi.
How do I confirm the worst? The absolute worst. The kind of thing we laugh about in strategy meetings, when there's that one general in the corner who's the only one not laughing. I wish I'd listened to him.
Have to be strong. Can't let emotion interfere here. I was prepared when we went to war. Hell, I could have handled the second coming of the Dark Ages. God I don't want to go out like this. Not like this.
HMS Surprise deployed at 0802 on 4 January, YOL 1809; first report at 0922.
Capt. S. Aubrey writes: "Bosun's watch first reported; given orders at 0830 sailed north to Persia from east Africa. Officer on deck reported seeing flash, Ship's Crew all report seeing fireball falling from sky. Some report dark center, as if large object was on fire. Did not report seeing impact.
My House will not fall. It will be remembered for getting us out of this. We will do what needs to be done. But how?
Upon investigation Capt. Aubrey reports a large Engine, made of a metal he nor his crew have seen, created a crater on coast. At 40 metres out engine stirred, and 'stood up,' according to Capt. Aubrey.
And here we come to it. I wouldn't have believed it myself, though my advisers needed more convincing. Aubrey's one of the best men in the admiralty, but his report left even his staunchest supporters questioning the man.
It was then that the engine stood on two legs. It had two arms, and what appeared to be a head that "looked" at the crew before bending over and "transforming" into what appeared to Capt. Aubrey and his crew as the HMS Surprise.
And now, well, now no one needs his report. Now they need me more than ever. They need to know why the unmanned HMS Surprise is here, on the Thames, changing into a giant man and walking toward the House of Lords.

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