Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rat-Formers: the musical

Write a synopsis of the perfect summer blockbuster. (not an EXISTING movie, mind you, but a short story of mashing all the elements of what makes a blockbuster great, like Titanic meets LOTR or something.)

Everybody rush down to the theater for the biggest comedy blockbuster of the summer. The Rat-formers! Remy Potter grew up in the southern arm of the Andromeda galaxy, but he always wanted to cook - no opportunity on a world without any organic life forms, but a stray TV signal zipping through space changed everything.

Can Remy work his way into the elite kitchens of France without a human realizing that he is really an alien robot who can transform into any shape he chooses?

Will he be able to convince immigration that his gay love affair with Sioux Chef Adam Sandler is real? After all- he’s supposed to be gay, not a transformer-sexual!

Will Garcon Snape kick him out for his violation of the rules of defense the dark culinary arts? They say he cooks like magic, but can they prove it?

You laugh as Remy consoles his new earth friend who gets a sexy woman pregnant and lacks the emotional maturity to deal with it, you’ll cry when Remy gets locked in room 1408 and struggles to overcome supernatural forces and you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you watch Remy challenge social and sexual convention in a hilarious send up of Cecil De Mille’s Blazing Cans of Ham - his last project before his death which was never released.

This film has a running time of 400 minutes and is not yet rated.

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The No Talent Hacks said...

HA - You know out there some Hollywood exec who is plum out of ideas for anything original is going to see your post and say "BRILLIANT!" Bet it's the same exec who green-lighted "Epic Movie."

Transformer-sexual - HAHAHAHA!!!