Thursday, April 10, 2008

Next Stop, Haaaaaarvard Square!

Here's a post from Laura, harkening back to one of our most popular assignments, "Write a Haiku about Pirates Stealing your Lunch."

Ordinary day
Listening to my Ipod
On my way to work.

Stuffed like a sardine
In this tin can subway car
Between two big dudes.

I crank up the sound
Groove out to some old Motown
To drown out the crowd

In my lap rests lunch:
A sandwich of ham and cheese
And a pudding snack.

Painstakingly packed
This morning while I tuned in
To Ellen’s dance moves.

Suddenly I see
Dude 1 looking down at me
Ogling my lunch.

I pretend all’s well
But I can’t avoid his stare.
“Whatcha got there, hmm?”

“Oh, this? It’s nothing.
Just some two-day-old cold cuts,”
I say nervously.

I notice he has
A parrot on his shoulder.
My god a pirate!

As we pull into
The next stop, he drawls “Ay Mate,
This be Harrrrrrrvard Square.”

He gets up, walks out
Leaving me in peace at last.
I breathe a heavy sigh.

Just as the doors close
His parrot swoops back in and
Deftly grabs my lunch.

Before I know what’s what
The parrot and his owner
Are reunited.

They slip from my view
Just beyond the plexiglass.
Enjoy lunch, you fiends!


The No Talent Hacks said...

OMG, this is hilarious!!! Haarrrrrrvard square!! And I think every haiku should mention pudding snacks. Brilliant!!
:-) Marcy

The No Talent Hacks said...

You never suspect the parrot and then WHAM! They nab your lunch. How many times has that happened to me! Damn Parrots. WELL WRITTEN! - Brihac