Thursday, May 11, 2006

AND NOW, Hacks of all ages...

The minutes from last night's Hack Meeting (as remembered the next morning by Marcy):

Tonight's Meeting Attendees: Marcy, Bryan, Matt, Dave
Location: Marcy's apartment
Time: 7:30 pm EST

We began our meeting as always - by gorging ourselves on Dave's Guacamole. This brought about a quote from Matt:

"Dave, I could live at the bottom of a bowl of your Guac."

While consuming Dave's Guac and Marcy's Spinach Artichoke Dip, we viewed a tape of the film "Covert Operatives" - a stop-motion GI Joe film made by friends of Marcy's from college. Hilarity ensued.

After the viewing, we discussed Matt's "The Traveler" piece. Much insight was shared - both literary and metaphysical. Matt's setting - an Arizona desert - and his symbolism with animals led Marcy to bring up the point that he should check into the local Native American connections to these particular animals. We agreed that Matt's piece was nearly polished, and left us wanting more.

At this point, Marcy made a big pot of coffee. Matt drinks his coffee black. Dave drinks his coffee black but with two spoonfuls of sugar. Bryan drinks his coffee with Irish Cream creamer. Marcy drinks her coffee with fat free creamer and a spoonful of sugar mixed with cinnamon.

While sipping coffee, Bryan made the observation that every time Dave submits a piece of his novel to the group, it is never enough. This led to a quote by Dave: "My story is giving you blue balls?"

We discussed Dave's latest piece of his novel, and how the brilliant chunks he's written - while captivating - need to start being tied together. We also discussed other authors that write in a similar way; George R.R. Martin and ___ in particular. We also made the observation that there is not a real strong female character - the few that are there seem to be background characters - in the story and wondered if that would come into play. We then begged Dave for the next part of the story. He laughed maniacally and called us minions.

At this point, we snarfed down a Devil's Food cake that Marcy made. It tasted yummy but wasn't very pretty. The top layer had broken in half and was sliding off the frosting. It looked so bad that "This was supposed to be pretty" was scrawled on the top in the frosting. In retrospect, we should have taken a picture to post with this blog entry, but we were distracted by bad teenage poetry.

A local poetry contest inspired us to our next writers' group assignment:

This Friday, we will post a blog entry in which we have all written our absolute worst attempt at mocking bad teenage angst-ridden poetry. To get us all in the mood, Marcy broke out her high school diaries and read horrible passages to all as we laughed with glee.

So, Hack Fans...stay tuned, and read all our pretend teenage angst this Friday...

-The No Talent Hacks

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