Friday, May 12, 2006

Bad Poetry Night in Hackland!

Hello Hack Fans!
Here it is - as promised. The No-Talent Hacks take a swing at pretend teenage poetry!
Keep in mind the youngest member of the Hacks is 27.
(Bonus points to whomever guesses which one of us is 27!!)
(Pete - you don’t count, you know the answer. Thanks for playing though!)

Sunshine and Light
By Matt

Why does school have to be so crass?
My entire life ruled by the hall pass.

Across the street the slackers smoke
I envy them their lives without care

My parents are always in my hair
I’m just not good enough
Does anyone here care?

My soul is ripped.
My mind a waste.

Why’d you leave?
I hate you

By Marcy

No one listens to me
It's like I'm not even here
A voice in the dark
Sound from everywhere
So loud it becomes nothing
Background noise
I am static
I am wind
I am the grinding screech of a dot matrix printer
And they tune me out
Nothing I say is important
So I hide in the dark
Barely breathing
And I scream

By Dave

Crippled cockroach climbing
warily, gingerly, erratically
up the basement wall
hanging on with
furious insectoid desperation shrieking
I am more than vermin
I am life
I am your soul
Suddenly it topples
dead as a dead bug
How do I pay it due tribute?
Choking back a sob
I squish my soul

By Allison

No one understands
the dark
I'm here alone
without him

I felt the fear
of losing
I tried to fight
it won

Now my life
gray, torn
No one understands
I'm trapped

There is time
now for
breaking free from
the dark

Title: Combustible
By Bryan

The universe has swallowed me
wallowing in the haze
Shut me out don't let me in
shout at me my name
Am I girl? not yet a woman
Mother of the cosmos, speak
I will hear you and come
the class bell rings but I wait
to hear you speak once more
Shut them out don't let them in
My mind is yours, my womb is mine
The universe spits me back out

A snippet from a love poem
By Kris

"Watch me and take it
as I extend my love.
I'll only give it once."

The meeting
By Matt

You said meet behind the bleachers
I was there for hours
You never came
My tears were fertilizer

You were my idol
For you I'd do anything
Did it make feel good,
Your little prank?

My dreams were crushed
Life is over

I hope you enjoy the flowers

You Know What You've Done
By Dave

You've put it all behind you.
Such a luxury.
Such effrontery.

Breakup Haiku
By Marcy

Back of the school bus
Track meet races on outside
I cry tears alone

Waring souls
By Marcy

Who will win the long battle
Chuck Norris or Screech
Only Pete can tell

1 comment:

Pete said...

i sit here in math
please, drown me in a bath
tubby, I’m tubby
nobody loves me
i cry tears
and smoke the
give me hope
we must go and
i like cantelope