Friday, May 19, 2006

The cup

By Matt

Grown men will cry. Men who wouldn’t cry at the ending of “Old Yeller” will weep uncontrollably. They won’t be tears of pain, but of joy. Young and old alike will join together in celebration. The eyes of a continent will turn to them. And a city and region around them will find out once what it feels like to be on top of the world, if just for a fleeting moment.

A city that has been the butt of jokes and dealing with crushing poverty, lost opportunity, and heartbreak will discover that that hard work and belief in a common goal can take them to the top of the world. Even if the rest of the world says it impossible and so-called experts say it’s a pipe dream, it can happen. Redemption and renaissance ARE possible.

This lesson won’t be taught by any professor in a classroom. It will be taught by a group of men from all over the world holding a trophy. A simple game will be the cause. The city will feel joy once again. That’s something that can never be taken away.

It may just be a silver chalice, purchased for a few dollars in 1893, but it symbolizes the hopes and dreams of everyone touched by its presence. It symbolizes spirit.

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