Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nobody means maybe

When Lisa Hunt had politely told him maybe, he was sure that it meant no. It wasn’t just that he woke up thinking about her every day, day dreamed about her during all of his classes, thought of her before he went to sleep and then dreamed about her all night. It was that nobody said maybe unless they meant, “No, but don’t make a scene.” Why would she want to go with him any way? She was perfect and he was lame.

So he had agreed to DJ the dance. Looking at Senior Prom as a gig took some of the sting out of it. Instead of spending all of his money of corsages, overpriced dinners and a shared limo he would rake in a sizable bundle of cash which he could put toward that used Pontiac in the Autotrader. He might be able to snag the car just after he passed his drivers test. It wasn’t a complete disaster. He might even sneak in some Goth or Acid rock and freak out the yuppie clones.

The theme song from Trailer Park Boys wafted up from his hip and he looked down at his cell Text message? Who sent him text messages? Thumbing a few buttons he pulled it up. “Maybe = Yes!” he read with a bolt of adrenaline. She said yes! The girl of his dreams was going with him to Prom, this was the best day – his elation incinerated instantly – and I’m the DJ!




Bryan Mahoney said...

SUCH the bane of high school. And I'm stealing "his elation incinerated instantly". Not for a story - just gonna make it part of my regular vocabulary.

Marcy L. Dewey said...

I'm picturing one of the popular girls in my high school dating the DJ - who DJ'd all of our dances in high school. As I recall, he had afierce blond mullet.

Nicely done! I like that there's a feeling of hope at the end of it (Despite the DJ's dilemma) as most Prom stories tend to have bittersweet teen angst as the outcome. At least, two out of three of my real life prom stories do. HA!