Monday, February 26, 2007

A Note Found in a Bottle That Washed up on Shore in Oceanside, CA.

The note was scratched onto palm tree bark with a stick or some other such object.

To whomever finds this:

Contact customer service at Daegon Teleporters Inc.

Tell them customer Geraldine Mackovic from Wren Falls, MO is stranded on an island somwhere thanks to their lousy product. I can't remember the order number. I was only transporting to Chicago to help my daugter with her new baby.

I have no sunblock and I'm sick of eating fish and coconuts.

(Posted by Marcy)


Brihack said...

Poor Geraldine! She sounds so sad and Midwestern. I think you captured the passive aggressive perfectly. That being said, everyone knows that Daegon Teleporters are crap. :-)

Marcy L. Dewey said...

It's true. I bought one to help me move from CA to NY and my stuff ended up in Ghana. WTF?!

Bryan Mahoney said...

Hahaha! Such reserve for having been stuck on an island! I think this woman deserves her own story: Who is she? How is she getting along? I think there are things she's not telling us in her letter.