Monday, April 02, 2007


Pirates stole my lunch
The absolute greatest lunch
The lunch I ne’er ate

It was truly queer
When a newbie Buccaneer
Stole it with a sneer

Deep personal loss…
Bandits bamboozled my stuff
May they burn in hell

No eye patch had they
No parrot shoulder sitting
Just malevolence

I like’ed my lunch
My lunch is my life time bliss
Bliss takers should choke

My lunch program was
My first application wrote
Software pirates suck

-Brihack Arrrrgh!


Marcy L. Dewey said...

Your first foray into Haiku is great! (isn't Haiku addicting?)
I particularly like:
Newbie buccaneer/stole it with a sneer - HAHAHAHA.
Crazy hacker pirates.
:-) m

Bryan Mahoney said...

Hahaha! Usually haiku doesn't rhyme - wish I'd thought of that before I did mine!!!!
Way to embrace yarrrgh inner pirate.