Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Woe, My Salad Has Sailed

by Marcy

Spinach and Romaine
Carrots and Garbanzo Beans
And lots of Feta

Baby Corns so sweet
Crispy Noodles and Almonds
Mandarin Oranges

Grilled Chicken slices
Kidney Beans and Black Olives
Sunflower Seeds Too

A hint of dressing
A masterpiece of texture
A balance of taste

This leafy salad
My pride and my lunchtime joy
Stolen from the fridge

The void is dreadful
My stomach longs for my lunch
Fridge pirates will pay

They with no morals
Stealing others' sustenance
Will be hunted down

I mourn my salad
And I send doom upon them
I called the Cracken.


Brihack said...

Lunch Pirates!
Those Bastards!
Stealing all of those well described and delicious ingredients... OK, now I'm hungry.

Bryan Mahoney said...

And I had some of that salad! I'd throw them the cracken, too, if that happened to me! Stupid pirates!